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The Blackboards are a series of forums where schools and businesses can get together for mutual benefit.

 Surplus for Schools
 Swap Shop
 Work Experience Placements

Surplus for Schools

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Many companies have surplus IT equipment and furniture they no longer need, often as the result of an office move or refurbishment.

Everything Education want to get those surplus items into schools who could put them to good use, rather than let them gather dust in a stockroom or end up in a skip.

More than just a great idea, this particular blackboard has been a fantastic success to date. Schools in all corners of the United Kingdom have benefited from:

 Computer Equipment: PCs, Printers, Networking kit, etc.
 Furniture: Computer desks, office chairs, etc.
 Electrical equipment: Faxes, telephones, televisions
 Stationery: binders, paper, rulers.
 Other: Mousemats, video, encyclopaedias

Companies can post items on the Surplus for Schools area, and then interested schools can contact the company in question to arrange collection.

Swap Shop

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The Swap Shop is an area where schools can connect with other schools in different parts of the country and trade items between themselves.

We have divided the swap shop into two forums:

In Wanted, schools can request items - or even pick the brains of other schools about where to source items

In Offered, schools can offer their surplus furniture, ICT equipment etc., and name their price: whether they would like to give them away for free, for a small charge, or whether they would like to swap it for other items.

Once contact has been made, schools can negotiate with each other and then arrange collection.

Work Experience Placements

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Virtually all students must do some work experience of some kind, and so the Work Experience Blackboard is a means where students can find more exciting and relevant placements in their area.

The Work Experience area of the Blackboards is divided into two parts:

Firstly, we are building up a database of companies who are willing to provide occassional work experience placements for students from their local schools.

Secondly, we provide an area where schools or pupils can advertise specific placements within their area.