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Why Lease?

Leasing enables you to purchase equipment today but to pay through a system tailor made for each individual school.

LHE Education Finance can help by providing individually structured equipment finance to the whole spectrum of education, from nursery schools to universities, independent or LEA schools.

Leasing facilities take away the need for large capital expenditure whilst providing schools with the opportunity to immediately address all their requirements. By acquiring equipment at today’s prices it offers protection against cost inflation.
  • The agreement is fixed for its term
  • No deposit is necessary
  • First repayment is collected after the delivery of the equipment
  • Payments can fit your budgets, i.e. monthly, quarterly, termly or annually
  • The documents are simple and easy to understand, there are no hidden charges·
  • Your choice of supplier(s) and any number of suppliers on one document
  • Payments by invoice or direct debit

What can you lease? Any capital purchase for example - ICT, Telephones, Furniture, D&T, Vehicles and Minibuses, Flooring and Seating.

Hire/Rental Agreement
The lessee has use of the goods for a fixed term. At the end of the agreement the goods are handed back or title is purchased for a nominal fee, which is set on the onset of the agreement.

Operating Lease
This is basically a rental contract for periods of 3 to 5 years and the rentals are calculated on the difference between the cost of the asset and what the finance company considers it will be worth at the end of the term. At the end of the contract you either return the asset, to the finance company and provided that its condition is in accordance with the contract, no further payments will be due. Alternatively the lessee maybe able to extend the rentals for a further period or sell the equipment.

End of Lease
For a nominal fee we can arrange this for you, and we will make it clear on the outset of the agreement what the cost of acquiring the asset will be, so there are no nasty surprises

Upgrades and Refresh Documents
Whilst we can offer these products, we usually find that they end up being less competitive in the long term.

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