Our Educational References

Computer printer specialist, TallyGenicom Ltd, announced that it is the preferred supplier for a number of local education authorities (LEAs) throughout England.

Its T8006e colour laser printer is being recommended by a number of LEAs including Wirral, Bedfordshire, Leeds, Lincolnshire, Kent, Peterborough and Staffordshire, to print curriculum work such as project work, coursework and staff presentations.

We are aware that value for money is critical in education spending and strained budgets, we offer a printing solution that is fully backed up with on-site service and support from a team of specialists.

Historically supplying inkjets and colour laser printers from multiple vendors, each coming with a standard one-year on-site warranty agreement, it was becoming quite costly for the schools to keep extending their warranties. With a superb offering of free 5 year onsite warranty on the T8006e, you can be sure of peace of mind.

The Hurst Community College

"The Tally laser printers have been a great benefit to the staff and pupils at The Hurst Community College. They work seamlessly alongside the current printers in our network. The colour laser printers have been the greatest asset to the school enabling pupils to produce their final projects in full colour, previously not economically viable with the inkjet printers. Over long print runs the printers are noticeably faster, this has enabled us to use colour printing more creatively and effectively across the school (correspondence to parents and governors has never looked so professional). The Tally printers have also been faultlessly reliable and are easy to use. From our positive experiences of using the Tally printers over the last 6 months we would recommend them to any other educational establishments."  Owain Williams M.A, ICT Network Manager

Basingstoke College of Technology

"'The printer that was installed in the Publicity department has been a great success. The printer is efficient, gives good, clear copy, including transparencies. The team are very pleased with it"  Jo Attridge

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