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About Us What people are saying about Everything Education

Education's Favourite Website!

We'd like to thank all those who have taken the trouble to contact us with their comments and suggestions since our launch.

We've already made dozens of changes from the feedback we have received to date, so if you have an idea or criticism that would help us make Everything Education even better, please use our suggestion box at the foot of this page.

We have listed some of the comments we have received below:

Comments from Schools and LEAs

Comments from Schools and LEAs

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"You have certainly made an impact on our school particularly the savings that I have made on products purchased for the school.  Thank you to all you team and please keep up the good work.."

"The more I use the website the more valuable it becomes. I would certainly recommend all staff involved with education take the opportunity to visit it."

"Through your excellent Blackboards, We have received 20 Pentium II computers from BBraun in Sheffield. BBraun were excellent (and even gave us a free cup of coffee). Many thanks for the service you provided."

"Brilliant! What would we do without you?"

"I am pleased to advise that we have been successful in recruiting a Bursar for the school through your web site. Many thanks for your help in the matter."

"We are now the proud owners of some laser printers and we are able to upgrade and improve some of our older 486 computers...Thank you for a good service and keep up the good work."

"Thanks to your blackboards, we have had some mice and keyboards courtesy of Sprezzatura in Ealing and we are just about to take ownership of a scanner and a computer from Back's of Norwich. Keep up the good work."

"I'd like to commend you on an excellent web-site. I think you will provide a good service to both schools and suppliers."

"The concept of this website is fantastic, it is well presented, easy to navigate and extremely useful (not to mention time and money saving!) FANTASTIC 20/10!"

"Very happy with the service - we saved money for our school"

"I have to say it's a great web site you have created and one that we as a school have and will continue to benefit from in the future."

"Super - saved a lot of hassle"

"As somebody who is hoping to go into teaching next year, I have found this resource invaluable for its own content and for linking to other relevant education sites. The site has really come on in the past year or so and deserves every success!"

"A very useful service"

"I wish you a lot of success with your website - I think that it is an excellent idea."

"Very interesting site, and easy to navigate"

"With the current climate of value for money I must say I am very impressed with the idea of this, saving time and possibly money. Thanks for the help this site will provide."

"It's a great site with an excellent purpose"

"I congratulate you on a good idea that has been well realised"

"First of all what a great Web Site, very well laid out, easy to navigate, extremely informative and useful should you be new to the area"

"Fantastic service, keep up the good work"

"I think the service you provide is excellent"

Comments from Education Suppliers

Comments from Educational Suppliers

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"Just supplied our first order from the postings on, an interactive whiteboard, so we are both pleased... thanks, keep 'em coming!"

"Love the site, the best educational resource we have come across thus far!"

"This looks great for companies working in education"

"Inclusion in your listings is very much appreciated as we are a relatively small organisation serving a very specific marketplace, with limited resources for marketing and publicity!"

"Can I also say that I think the site is a great idea and wish you all success."

"What a great job!"

"We are impressed by your fast response and the presentation of our company on the web site"

"your site is very helpful, and I wish you great success."

"Excellent site - easy to use, clearly-defined information."

"I would like to thank you for all the time, effort and patience you have put in to our Advert over the past few weeks."

The Everything Education Suggestion Box

Everything Education Suggestion Box

Please let us know how we are doing, and give us your feedback (good or bad)! below. Alternatively, you can e-mail


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