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Oxfordshire Warehouse Clearance


On Monday 14th July Elsevier, a world-leading publisher of Scientific, Technical and Health Information, cleared all their surplus stationery and furniture items from storage by donating them to local - and not so local - schools

Schools came from as far field as Kent, Harrow and Newbury
Schools came from as far field as Kent, Harrow and Newbury

The event was publicised through Everything Education's Blackboards and weekly newsletter as well as on Oxfordshire County Council's Intranet.

Elsevier are actively involved in the local community and have good links with the local schools. One of the ways in which they regularly give their time is to assist with volunteer reading help.

The warehouse was open between 10 am and 4 pm. Most of the stuff was spoken for by just after midday.

Between 15 and 20 schools showed up in the course of the first few hours. They bought cars and minibuses or arranged collection with a local carriage company.

Most popular were the furniture items which consisted of filing cabinets, desks and cupboards and some very comfy looking chairs which began to look more and more attractive as the hours went by!

There was also a huge amount of paper, labels and envelopes, staplers, desk trays and document holders and A4 files.

It was dusty and thirsty work on the hottest day of the year so far but people seemed to be having a good time shifting the furniture round and most people had in mind an instant use for the items they took. All the filing cabinets and chairs were spoken for almost immediately.

It was a fantastic opportunity to meet the schools and get listen to your nice feedback.

Alan from Elsevier, who organised the whole event, said ""I felt that the morning went very well. I am glad that we have been of some help and whenever we can will continue doing so. I hope that other companies can follow our example."


"We got some useful things for the school- mostly stationery- it was great – thanks."
Dunmore Junior School, Abingdon

"All schools are struggling for resources and finances and something like this goes miles and miles towards helping."
Cherwell School, Oxford

"This is a brilliant idea for cash-strapped schools"
Freeland School

"We got great loads of files and stationery, a chair and filing cabinets. We will just about manage to get everything back ourselves. This is terrific."
The Batt School, Witney

"It was great to be invited to something like this. Time off from the classroom spent very usefully - thank you!"
Blake School, Witney

"We have just moved into a new building but we have no money to fill it! This was very useful – great stuff."
Sandhills School, Oxford

"It’s been a fantastic morning and I am shattered! It’s amazing how the community can help schools in this way. I am all for it!"
Woolton Hill Junior School, Newbury

"A wonderful opportunity for schools and businesses to work together."
North Kidlington School, Kidlington

"We have heaps of great stuff and we are arranging collection. Thank you so much - we are very very grateful."
mmanuel Christians School, Littlemore

"Many thanks from Roxeth Manor School. A much-needed and very appreciated boost to the school’s needs."
Roxeth Manor School, Kent

"What a bonus!"
St Leonards School, Banbury


Further Information

 Benefactor: Dunmore Junior School, Abingdon, Oxon