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The Exchange > Burning Issues > Our Day Out GCSE Drama!

The following question was posted by A State Secondary in West Midlands on 13 January 2004:

Our Day Out GCSE Drama!

I am looking for some inspiration, tips and ideas for teaching GCSE Drama to a low ability class who lack interest and enthusiasm. Our GCSE focus is on Our Day Out by Willy Russell. Thanks.

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Re: Our Day Out GCSE Drama!

Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of Our Day Out. However we do have a drama based on twentieth century history, which covers World Wars 1 & 2. The teachers resource is ideal for extension work, paired work, oral activities, research tasks. The play itself is based on Mary who is celebrating her 100th birthday in hospital. Though not at all well Mary unfolds her entire life of ups and downs to her nurse. The excellently written playscript is an ideal resource for cross-curricular work, English, Drama, Music, Geography, History, PSHE and Citizenship. Music is also in the teachers' resource. Also available are A4 Romancing Mary pupil booklets that contains the entire manuscript and ideal for rehearsals or when doing the associated tasks in lessons.

The author of the book is Head of English at a High School, and has been teaching English for 30 years. In 1998 he became one of the first Advanced Skills Teachers in the North West.

Susan Broadley Susan Broadley,  Educational Printing Services Limited

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