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The Exchange > Burning Issues > Obsolete PC's

The following question was posted by A State Primary in Cheshire on 03 February 2004:

Obsolete PC's

We have a number of old RM window box PC's in school, that we no longer need, as they are not compatible with new network, and are not worth upgrading. Are we able to sell these PC's as they are to parents, or to give them to parents, or are there any issues relating to educational software / Operating system licencing, that mean we are unable to do this? If so, what can we do with PC's other than scrap them?

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Re: Obsolete PC's

Dear collegaue,

you will need to remove the resident operating system and any other programs installed. As a rule software cannot legally be resold after use. It is an agreement between the license recipient and the publisher to use it's own software, within the terms of the license agreement itself.

If the school owns the title of the hardware then it may re-sell or give the PC's away but not with any software on board. It is advisable that the hard drives are re-formatted and wiped clean of data.

Kind regards.


Alex Dean Alex Dean,  Equinox Business Solutions

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