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Our School Register is an invaluable resource of information about Schools in the UK for staff, parents and pupils alike. If your school isn't listed, then simply fill in the form below, and send us:

 A copy of your school's logo, shield or emblem
 A photograph or picture of your school

You can e-mail any files including graphic and logo files to


All fields in bold type must be filled in.


1) School Details

Please provide the following information about your School.

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2) Education Contact Information

The following information will appear on your web page.

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3) Web Contact

The following information is necessary to provide a contact with whom we can verify this information. It will be for our internal records only, and will not appear on your webpage.

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4) Web Page Text

The following information will personalise your own page, so please provide as much information as you can!

School Motto
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Short Introduction to School
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5) Links with Other Schools

If your school has links with other schools via exchange programmes, please list them below.

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6) General Details

Please use the following box to provide details of any other information about your school. (e.g. uniform, catchment area, transport etc).



Thank you for taking the time to add your school to our register. Don't forget to e-mail your school's logo and photograph to You can e-mail any files including graphic and logo files to